Wedding Dress 2010 - Nk [Newstyle9z]


Lady Killah Represent !!!
Thể hiện: Nk [Newstyle9z]
Bài hát: Wedding Dress 2010
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Em dag trong tay ai , em dang vui ben ai , khi con tim a dau ... nguoi dau bit' ...
Chinh ngay jay fut do , chiec ao cuoi trang tinh , mong em yen binh ...

My dream's about u
U hold me tight ... my side ... I had to try ...not to wake up ... must keep it up ...
Everything u do , just try to break up...
Mo* ...lai. dc tay trong tay ... Em om^ anh ngoi^` canh . anh ngay day^...
You found a new way ... Em co' chac' la` minh` hp ko ?
Mong la` e dc hanh. phuc' , nhin` e trong ao cuoi' ma` a chi bit mim cuoi`
Em cung cuoi` ngta cung cuoi ... nhung ma` ai bit' duoc. mieng cuoi` ma` long` dau ..
.... Mieng cuoi ma long dau ... why ?
Can't believe that you are not with me
Cuz you should be my lady
All i want is to let your heart free
But if you believe that you belong with him
Promise me,you won't let anyone hurt you
Remember,I will always be here for you
Even if it kills me to see you
In that wedding dress
Oh see you in that wedding dress
See you in that wedding dress
Oh see you in that wedding dress
oh no
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