Unit 12: The Asian games - Lesson Plan – English 11


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* Background information:
- Class: 11B
- Number of students: 46
- Unit 12- Lesson 1: Reading
- Duration: 45 minutes
- Date: February 26th 2009

Nguyễn Thị Trang- Van Noi High School


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Unit 12: The Asian Game
Part E: Language Forcus
*Grammar: Double comparation:
-Comparative + and + comparative
-The + Comparative, the +comparative

EXRCISE 1: complete each of the following senteces, using the structure comparative + and + comparative with the word in blackets.

1, It is becoming --------------------------to find a jod. (hand)

2, His visit to NewYork seemed to get -----------------------because he was very busy at work .(short)

3, Eating and travelling in this city is getting --------------------.(expensive).

4, As the day went to, the weather got--------------------------.(bad)

5, We had to shop the discussion because the question we becoming------------------,(complicated).

6, Your English is Ok now, your pronunciation has got ----------------------------.(good)

7, Little John is becoming ------------------------.(active)

8, As it was getting dark, it was becoming------------------------------.to see everything in the house without electricity. (difficult)

9, I felt happy as my birthday is my coming-------------------------------.(close)

EX2: Complete each of the following sentences, using the structure: the+comparative,the+comparative.

a, The Warmer the weather, the---------------I liked him.

b, The more you Practive your English, the--------------you will learn.

c, The longer he waited, the------------- impatient he because.

d, The---------- electricity you see, the higher your bill will be.

e, The more expensive the hotel, the-------------- the service.

f, The more I got to know him, the---------------I liked him.

g, The more you have, the ------------you want.

======The end========
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