Title Tag Fetcher (Auto Replace URL with Titletag) (Tự đọng thay title khi chèn link)


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Hi there.

Since I needed a new URL Autotext Generator, I always loved the prework of Jafo232 and his Replace URL's With Page Title.
I just did some modifications on this Mod and for some forseeing mistypings, I also leaned out the checking of the "www" if given.

For those who don't know that mod it's quite simple:
If you post an URL in the Forums, this Mod just loads the <title>XXXXXX</title> out of the linked website.

The title won't be read if the following conditions occur:
The linked page simply has no <title>-Tag
The page is down or the <title>-Tag is not being found within the first 60 seconds
The <title>-Tag is not being found within the first 1000 lines of code.

Just import the XML via the ACP and thats all.

Just kill it out of your ACP.

01.09.2008 Update
Fixed Typo which got us a parse error

Chú ý:

- Mod này dùng được cho cả vBulletin 3.8.x
- Không sài mod này khi bạn sử dụng vBSeo (vì vBSeo cũng có chức năng này)

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