[RQ]-Endless News theme for Drupal



Endless News is designed to let the Drupal users powered their highly rich content Drupal site. It has well organized block regions with different dimensions to suit various type of content such as poll, gallery and views block etc. Some of the features are described below:

* Horizontal User login bar with user links.
* Advanced ajax tabs powered by Quicktabs.
* Newsletter box pre-configured powered by Simplenews.
* Newspaper style layout.
* Web 2.0 style Dropdown menu.
* Well themed comments section and form.
* Configured poll blocks.
* Exciting theme just for $99.95.
* Zip includes both 5.x and 6.x themes*

Modules used:

* Stringoverrides* (required for Drupal 5.x user to change "Create new account" text to "Join" in the user login bar)
* SimpleNews (optional)
* Quicktabs (optional)

price: 99.95
Paygate: cc qua PP

[DOWN]http://www.mediafire.com/?2mynxign1w0 [/DOWN]

Nguồn: ghostape
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