PB Watermark Album Images


What does it do:
-Adds a watermark to all images uploaded to user albums and optionally profile pictures.

-Option to watermark album images
-Option to watermark profile pictures
-Can set whether to watermark thumbnails or just full size images.
-Can position watermark in 1 of 4 corners.
-watermark image gets resized when it is larger then the image to be watermarked
-Completely changed functionality so that it now adds the watermark at runtime and makes no more permanent changes to images.

- If after you first install you do not notice a difference then clear your browser cache.
- It works with all 3 storage types for album images, but will not watermark thumbnails if you have the storage type set to 'Keep pictures in file system, but allow direct access to thumbnails'
- If you want to watermark attachments there already exists 2 modifications that I have tested first hand and know work on the latest version of VB.
- This has been tested and confirmed working in VB 3.7.x as well.
- Again please clear your browser cache and test before you report problems to me.

Installation Instructions:
1. Create or Use the watermark.png I attached, and upload it to your forum root before anything. You will receive 'file does not exist' or no images will display(depending on the browser) if you do not first upload an image named 'watermark.png' to your forum root( The folder you have vbulletin installed in).
2. Import the 'product-pb_watermarkalbumimages.xml' file through the product manager.
3. Go to AdminCP->Vbulletin Options->Vbulletin Options->PB Watermark Settings and configure the settings.

Screenshots have been attached.
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