Moderation Auto-PM


Hello all!

This is my first modification here!

Moderation Auto-PM v4.0.2

What does this Hack do?
When a thread is Opened/Closed, Stuck/Unstuck, Moved, Split, Merged, or a Post is deleted, a PM will be automatically sent to the Poster to inform them of this.

1) Upload all *.php files to your vBulletin includes directory
2) Import the product XML (set allow overwrite to yes if you are upgrading from a previous version)
3) Done

- Support for the inlinemod system
- The text of the pm is no longer hardcoded but uses phrases
- Ability to "respect" a recycle bin forum (lots of bigger boards still seem to use this)
- Contains a permission check that will check if a thread / post whas moved the original poster has the correct permissions to view
(eg if you move a thread to a staff only forum the original poster would be denied access)
- Ability to exclude certain forums (no notification send at all)
- The reason problem is solved
- Never send a pm to yourself also solved
- AJAX open / close and titleedit vBulletin features supported

Polish (pl_PL), lang-pl-modpm.xml - meschiash
Russian (ru_RU), lang-ru-1251-modpm.xml, lang-ru-utf8-modpm.xml - FractalizeR

All translations are in the "do_not_upload" directory. If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send .xml file to me so that I can bundle it into Moderation Auto-PM v4.0.1.

Version 4.0.1 (25.04.2010)- FEATURE: Updated for vBulletin 4.x
- FIX: Minor bugs fixed
Version 4.0.2 (26.04.2010)
- FEATURE: added Russian Language - FractalizeR
- FIX: changed notification from 'moved' to 'deleted' when message has been moved to trash
- FIX: fixed notification when thread has been closed (AJAX)
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