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Giới thiệu; Tự động gửi tin nhắn khi xóa hay sửa bài.
Nó có chức năng tự động gửi 1 thư tới hộp thư của chủ bài viết khi mod, smod, hay admin xóa hay sửa bài. Nội dung thư sẽ gửi bảo gồm thêm nội dung Lý do sửa hay xóa bài.
Cài đặt: Upload các file đính kèm lên, và chạy file XML kèm trong đó trong gói Mod
Demo là cái diễn đàn đang dùng.

Chúc bạn thành công.

Thông tin thêm:

modpm autopm on moderation
1)upload all *.php files to your vBulletin includes directory
2)import the product XML (set allow overwrite to yes if you are upgrading from a previous version)
3) done

New stuff
- Support for the inlinemod system
- the text of the pm is no longer hardcoded but uses phrases
- ability to "respect" a recycle bin forum (lots of bigger boards still seem to use this)
- contains a permission check that will check if a thread / post whas moved the original poster has the correct permissions to view
(eg if you move a thread to a staff only forum the original poster would be denied access)
- ability to exclude certain forums (no notification send at all)
- the reason problem is solved (i knew this whas annoying many people)
- never send a pm to yourself also solved (pretty stupid anyhow)
- AJAX open / close and titleedit vBulletin features supported

phrases edit information

phrases are stored in the modpm_text and modpm_title phrasetypes you will find them in your phrasemanager referenced as

modpm - Message Subjects
modpm - Message Content

do note that while i agree you translate the system phrases you should only share your language XML files on official vBulletin sites
(eg sites that have the licence verification system).If you translated the phrases to whatever language you are using i would be more
then happy to upload them to the release thread just give me a yell...

last but not least
this is based on a hack created by ( Forum - View Profile: Alan @ CIT take it he is no longer licenced
to use vBulletin(i think) anyway all i did whas (heavenly) modify the system
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