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The Mets' rotation is very good right now, but the addition of Bauer would bring it into a stratosphere where it would be fair to wonder if it is the best in all of baseball.Detroit Tigers

That was the text Drew sent to his family after Jeff Banister, the Rangers' manager, told him he made the 2017 Opening Day roster. This was the dream. Everyone flew from Las Vegas to Texas for Opening Day. Over the years, Darryl and Renee had learned to get along, so they sat together with Britney and Daiana, who wasn't going to miss this moment, even if she and Drew were no longer together. Chad joined friends in the outfield seats and crushed beers.Kansas City Royals

The Cubs and the Iowa Cubs have been partners since 1981. That relationship officially won't be ending anytime soon.

Drew would talk to himself in the first-person plural, as if there were an ever-present companion who shared in his misery.
Baseball Team Face Masks

Drew's memories of those hours after he arrived at the hospital come in bits and pieces. Getting stitches to close the hole in his head. The pain meds that made him woozy. And the phone call in which he asked Britney not to tell anyone. She tried to get details. She asked what happened. Drew said he didn't want to talk about it.

A switch-hitter, Gonzalez is capable of playing all four infield positions along with right field and left field and is average or a bit better at most spots.Arizona Diamondbacks

Pedroia and Ortiz both played key roles in the Red Sox beating the Colorado Rockies in the 2007 World Series, and they gave another impressive effort in leading Boston to another World Series crown over the St. Louis Cardinals in 2013.Washington Nationals

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