Notifications 3.0


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Users get notiifcations every time someone posts on their threads, posts, and profile posts. The functionality and looks are very similar to Facebooks.
Update 7/18/2011- Lite version allows admin to choose which user groups to use Notifications
Update 12/30/2011 - v.3.0 Lite
Update 8/31/2011 - v2.0 Lite

v.3.0 Gold Developed!
-Fix allowed usergroups to see notifications bar
-Allow mulitple languages/UTF-8/Latin to work w/notifications
-Add private message notifications
-Option in admincp for admin to remove vBulletin default notifications system and replace entire system with Notifications
-Private Message Notifications stay on top
-Change color of links to a different color than text surrounding links
-Less notifications
-Better optimziation
-Compatible with UTF-8

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