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Name: Cs-Cart
Vession: 2.0.5
Released: 1th Jul 2009
Price: $265 (Owned)
Price on FreeShareAll: $0.00 2
Nulled by: Ken Design
Date Nulled: 3th Jul 2009
Tested by: Kenzero
Uploaded by: Kenzero

Version 2.0.5, July 1 2009

[+] The "Sport" skin was added.
[+] The "Lolly" skin was added.
[+] The "Electro" skin was added.
[+] The "Lite" skin set was added.
[+] The "Aquarelle" skin set was added.
[+] The "Default" skin set was added.
[+] The "Brickwork" skin set was added.
[+] The "New vision" skin set was added.
[+] Tabs were redesigned in the customer area.
[+] Print styles were added.
[*] The displaying of the 404 page was corrected.[*] The look and feel of the Order status block was changed in skins.[*] The displaying of the logo image on the invoice was corrected.[*] The "Checkout totals" block was added to the third step of regular checkout.[*] The look and feel of invoice in email was corrected.[*] The look and feel of popups was improved.[*] New hook was added to subcategories retrieval function.[*] Product import: position is assigned to newely created options now.[*] New hook was added to allow to override the membership field in a profile.[*] Google base export: new "condition" field was added to export scheme.[*] The displaying of the discount label in the IE6 browser was corrected.[*] ExIm: progress indication was added to data export to avoid timeouts.[*] Page view: description was removed from subpages.[*] SEO addon: default 404 error is displayed for non-existent image files, js and css files.[*] The displaying of the Plain/Dynamic categories menu was corrected.[*] Redirection to a correct domain is performed now if the domain is entered incorrecly (e.g., instead of

[!] SEO addon: category/product SEO names were reset when updating them on multiple update page. Fixed.
[!] Image previewer: javascript error was displayed if alt text contained quotes. Fixed.
[!] SEO addon: validation worked incorrectly if parent object name contained child name. Fixed.
[!] If shipping methods were not set for this particular address, the "Shipping method" section was not displayed. Fixed.
[!] Image previewer did not fit in the browser window if the screen resolution was too small for it. Fixed.
[!] No redirection occurred if the "http_host" configuration option differed from the domain name in request. Fixed.
[!] News and emails addon: incorrect image links were fixed.
[!] News and emails addon: when subscribers were updated in the admin panel, the activation and unsubscribe keys were reset. Fixed.
[!] The needed text was not displayed on the "Upgrade center" page if the upgrade is not available. Fixed.
[!] Demo mode: it was possible to delete languages. Fixed.
[!] Products export: taxes were not exported. Fixed.
[!] News and emails addon: subscription letter was duplicated if autoresponder was activated. Fixed.
[!] Affiliate addon: incorrect order ID was used in "place order" hook. Fixed.
[!] Store locator addon: the choice of geo coordinates was not operational in IE. Fixed.
[!] If a realtime payment method was used while placing an order, customer and administrator got two notification emails. Fixed.
[!] Template editor did not work if the activated language was not supported by it. Fixed.
[!] Statistics addon: on the referrers page search phrases in the Russian language were displayed as escaped. Fixed.
[!] Selected taxes were not displayed on the edit product page if the "Display prices with taxes on category/product pages" option was enabled. Fixed.
[!] Gift certificate addon: there were incorrect statuses in the customer notification email. Fixed.
[!] If there was an apostrophe in the name of uploaded images, such images were not displayed in the storefront. Fixed.
[!] "Contact us for a price" label was not displayed for products with zero price and zero price action set to "Do not allow to add the product to cart". Fixed.
[!] Block manager: when the "assign to all" link was clicked, the objects of already assigned objects were deleted. Fixed.
[!] Images were not deleted during products and categories deletion. Fixed.
[!] News and emails addon: email activation and unsubscribe links were redirected to the 404 error page. Fixed.
[!] Cart items: zero price was displayed for products whose zero price action was not set to "Do not allow to add the product to cart". Fixed.
[!] If the product price was 0 and it had options with modifiers, the product price was not displayed when such options were selected. Fixed.
[!] Users' title did not depend on the current language. Fixed.
[!] There were incorrect links in emails about new order messages and notifications about file availability. Fixed.
[!] Storefront: hidden and inactive pages were displayed on the site map page. Fixed.
[!] Numbers were rounded by "formatNum" javascript function incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Storefront: the price of a configurable product was displayed in the lists regardless of the products selected by default. Fixed.
[!] Administration area: there was a smarty error on a profile page. Fixed.
[!] Storefront: the category picker did not allow to select a category. Fixed.
[!] When all objects were deleted from a block, PHP notices were displayed and the objects were not deleted. Fixed.
[!] Affiliate addon: the "Automatic approval of affiliate commissions" setting did not work for all actions except the "Payout sales" one.
[!] Pages of the "link" type were displayed incorrectly in blocks. Fixed.
[!] Blocks: if the "hide add to cart button" option was enabled for the block, amount field was not hidden. Fixed.
[!] SEO addon: if the "show language in URL" option was enabled, language selector did not work for non-rewritten URLs. Fixed.
[!] Polls addon: there was no ability to enable/disable image verification. Fixed.
[!] Google base export: product URL generated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Google base export: discounts were not calculated. Fixed.
[!] If product had zero price and the selected option had modifier, price increased with each cart page refresh. Fixed.
[!] Product option exceptions were cloned incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Swisspost shipping method: service availability were checked incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Name of administration area script was hardcoded in WYSIWYG's file browser. Fixed.
[!] Admin area templates: "&" was replaced with "&" in taxes, static data, payments, database and settings.
[!] Paymets: if google checkout was selected as a payment processor, fatal error occurred during ajax request. Fixed.
[!] Google checkout: google returned region (state) description instead of the UK code. Fixed.
[!] Banners addon: statistics were not removed by clicking on the "Remove statistics" link. Fixed.
[!] Statistics addon: statistics about https links were stored incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Pay and read payment processor: used gift certificate was not passed to payment. Fixed.
[!] Skin selector: if another skin was selected, blocks structure were not transferred to the new skin. Fixed.
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Archive Pass: CrackTeam

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