Body Language

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Kenji ĐếLong

Quy Ẩn Giang Hồ !
Lyric: Body Language

Yea it is wat it is man
Stacka D, now know as Sour D
We back, we back baby
Andree, we gotta do this shit


Stacks on desk, patron on ice
Pop bottles anh se lam nhu T.I
Cho em tat ca whatever u like
the nen em phai nho anh lam la vi ai
ben anh em nhe baby by me
anh lam bedrock nhu young money
anh la Drake, Nicki anh de em
hon ca gia dinh Flintstone trong hoat hinh tre em
anh thi dang song o tren mat trang
khong cung level voi may thang tre ranh
bon no make it rain anh make it thunder
no tot nghiep lop 12, anh co bachelor
anh thich em vi co chut diu dang
ben bo vai em anh co giay phut nhe nhang
vi the anh phai bay vuot oversea
chi de duoc ben canh em my miss Vietnamese


this beat gets into my head, gets, gets into my head
girl I aint heard wat u said
this beat gets into my head, gets, gets into my head
why dont u talk to me
with your body body, with your body body girl
body body language, body body language
body body language,sway sway wat u say


34 24 36 were her measurements,
first time that we meet Ive been feelin u ever since,
girl U make it evident
to hook up with better men,
last man left U in the worst shape that U've ever been,
U dont wanna live in that past again,
U chillin wit the future better ask your friend,
if she dont know better ask another,
Sour Dz there is NONE other,
love her wit this rubber,
but uh how deep will your throat can cover,
blame sumthin what U drinkin boo?,
FUk THAT U thinkin what Im thinkin too,


so co don 1 minh tren dinh cao
anh chi co dam ban la trang va sao
cung may co em co tien den cuu
anh met voi bitches dang dinh nghi huu
anh trong fresh voi crooks & castles
em la luot Dolce Milano
dem nay em nho cho anh bong nhe
von em nhu Cristian Ronaldo
thoai mai party likes a rockstar
la het nhay mua kowabunga
choi het dem nay dung lo nghi ngay mai
mai moi la chu nhat ko phai thu 2
true religion jeans shawty so fly
choi den sang gap ong trang good night
am nhac va bong dem, never gon stop
Shawty roll roll, Andree non stop
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