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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:
a. laughs b. photographs c. machines d. parents
a. dishes b. oranges c. experiences d. moves
a. chores b. halves c. minutes d. becomes
a. biologist b. constancy c. confide d. domestic
a. apologize b. alone c. apartment d. caring
a. parents b. boys c. mothers d. things
a. weekends b. families c. problems d. biologists
a. weekends b. schools c. secrets d. solutions
a. incapable b. willing c. kind d. shift
a. supportive b. unselfish c. culture d. number
a. relaxed b. loved c. asked d. divorced
a. begged b. stopped c. worked d. watched
a. hoped b. thanked c. robbed d. laughed
a. helped b. surprised c. engaged d. called
a. borrowed b. married c. returned d. finished
a. laughed b. advised c. stepped d. worked
a. rubbed b. erased c. astonished d. toured
a. decorated b. provided c. polished d. invented
a. postponed b. encouraged c. blessed d. employed
a. agreed b. obliged c. concerned d. developed
II. Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others:
a. secure b. project c. active d. final
a. obedient b. confidence c. different d. interesting
a. secret b. mature c. household d. responsibility
a. mischievous b. whenever c. solution d. imagine
a. decision b. together c. important d. family
a. interest b. important c. decision d. relation
a. secure b. secret c. market d. weekend
a. household b. daughter c. women d. believe
a. possible b. important c. together d. familiar
a. supportive b. responsibility c. responsive d. respirable
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